Letters to the Editor

Letters: Readers discuss Marcus Peters, Colin Kaepernick and television news

Personal invasion

Imagine my surprise when while working in my yard, my cellphone rang and a happy voice informed me that my student loan could be forgiven.

Wow, how did they ever find me?

But, oh, wait. I’m 86 years of age, and when I went to school either my parents or I paid for it.

Student loan — who ever heard of such a thing, and how does anybody think that invading my privacy is all right?

Cellphones — particularly in my case — are a means to keep in touch with family members spread around the country or to be in contact with my wife, who has serious health problems. I am offended to think that by simply pushing a button these callers can try to invade my privacy.

I guess in this day of everyone desiring a handout that this kind of nonsense is acceptable.

Wayne Miller

Lone Jack

Anthem debate

I have to sit with NFL players Marcus Peters and Colin Kaepernick, and I am a veteran. (Sept. 9, 10A, “Marcus Peters sits one out for his country”)

Our national anthem was written by a slave owner, and its third verse, which we do not sing, celebrates the death of slaves. In addition, the lyrics “bombs bursting in air” honor the horror of war, which I abhor.

So I deeply respect the courageous actions of Peters and Kaepernick.

This is simply another monument that needs to be taken down.

Arlin Buyert


In the Civil War, the Union army consisted of 1.5 million soldiers. Hundreds of thousands of Union soldiers were killed, wounded or captured fighting to free the slaves. Today, millions of descendants of Union soldiers reside throughout the United States.

Every time black athletes show disrespect to the national anthem, it’s a direct insult to present-day Americans whose Union ancestors fought and died in the very war that ended slavery.

Peter Connors

Lee’s Summit

Problem solved

President Donald Trump doesn’t need to build a wall. No one wants to come here anymore.

Shirley Lewis

Overland Park

Legally speaking

The Aug. 10 story, “Police disarm antifa groups, others at Kansas City rally,” described me as a lawyer who “specializes” in weapons and self-defense law. (4A) I concentrate in these fields but do not hold myself out as a specialist. Missouri does not certify legal specialties.

Kevin L. Jamison


Not enough news

In the 1950s, legendary WDAF newscaster Randall Jessee reported the news, weather and sports in 15 minutes: “This is what happened, these are the scores and it might rain.”

Now, having to fill 90 minutes, at times it’s: “This is what happened (in our biased, one-sided opinion), these are the scores (and who got caught cheating) and there’s a low pressure center coming down from Canada along with warm moist air from the Gulf and with a dew point of 75. It might rain, and if it does we’ll send someone out in a raincoat to stand in a puddle to tell you it’s raining.”

Finally, after 90 minutes of reporters repeating themselves, it’s: “Tune in at 10 p.m. to hear about an abused toad in Raytown and what city officials are doing to prevent it from happening ever again.”

It’s not so much that topics are fabricated, but they are definitely spun by reporters, and non-newsworthy stories are made to appear important. Just give us the facts in a brown paper bag to make our own decisions and leave the marketing to the used-car ads.

Tony Bradley


Just the weather

Has anyone else noticed how silly weather reports have become on TV?

There’s always a rock concert in the background, and you can’t hear what is being said. The female weather reporters wear clothes better suited for a cocktail party while they gleefully announce the weather “gross factor” or the “Eat Outside Index” or give the weather in emojis, then proceed to tell us dummies watching how to dress, where to go, which sporting event is going on and how to dress for that, how to dress our kids and how much sunscreen to wear.

And it goes on and on.

What has happened to professionalism and just giving the weather? Only meteorologist Pete Grigsby, just part time now on KMBC, is professional, calm and easy to listen to. We need more like him.

Please knock off the goofiness and just give us the weather forecast already.

Virginia Hill