Letters to the Editor

Letters: Readers discuss a new KCI terminal, Trump’s tax plan and leaving the GOP

KCI debate

Burns & McDonnell’s recommendation to scrap the current Kansas City International Airport terminal process and start over was the most sensible suggestion I have seen. (Sept. 6, 1A, “Call to start over shakes up KCI’s plan process”)

The planning and execution of this project have smacked of haste, poor planning and coordination, and a total absence of due diligence. Much of what we’re being told simply makes no sense.

The current KCI, with 90 gates, is inadequate for the city’s needs, even though 30 of those gates sit idle while Terminal B is chronically over capacity. So the answer is a terminal with 35 gates?

The new terminal, we’re told, will be every bit as convenient as the current arrangement. This would not only require some architectural alchemy, but it is an absurd statement about a terminal that hasn’t yet been designed.

Only one bidder is interested, then three more immediately come to light?

Everything seems to be driven by the November election. It’s time to focus less on a calendar date and more on a transparent, coherent, well-conceived and well-managed process appropriate for a project of this magnitude. If a single terminal is really the right answer, it shouldn’t be this hard to make the case to the voters.

Thomas J. Costello


Easy way out

Our current president is determined to seek out “soft targets,” sending out of our country thousands of “Dreamers” — young people who have lived in the United States essentially all their lives, who have no criminal behavior, who are in school or employed. (Sept. 6, 7A, “Trump administration announces it will end ‘Dreamers’ program”)

Please, Mr. President, seek out gang members or convicted criminals. You have hidden behind Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who has a questionable history in regards to racial issues, to make this announcement.

I would like to see our federal government being run by people who actually believe in the creed, “with liberty and justice for all.”

Ruth Kauffman

Overland Park

The current president’s decision regarding Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals is outrageous. The attorney general tells us to hold the law in high regard, knowing full well that Congress is too overwhelmed by bigots to legislate anything honorable about these young people. The evil in this case is too massive to comprehend.

John P. Lee

Kansas City

Tax cuts needed

President Donald Trump’s recent speech in Springfield highlighted how tax cuts can reinvigorate American Main Streets, which have taken a back seat to Wall Street and K Street in recent years because of the size and complexity of the tax code.

A tax cut would provide hard-working taxpayers with an immediate pay raise, meaning more money would stay in Missouri communities to be spent on local small businesses instead of being shipped to Washington, D.C., to be spent on federal priorities.

A recent nationwide poll of small-business owners by the Job Creators Network illustrates how a small-business tax cut would do even more good. Most respondents said they would reinvest their tax savings in the form of wage hikes, new jobs and business expansion. This economic stimulus would help working families and Main Streets regain their former glory.

Trump’s plan to simplify the tax code is a worthy goal. But such reform is difficult given the competing factions lobbying to protect their special carveouts. American small businesses and hard-working taxpayers need relief now and can’t digest another legislative failure. Congress should pick the low-hanging fruit and pass tax cuts now, and come back for the rest of tax reform later.

Mark Comfort

5th District State

Committee, Missouri

Republican Party

St. Louis

Line in the sand

I am a white, Midwestern country person. I was raised Republican and am the proud mother of a former police officer. I have had my problems with the GOP, but the past few months have shown the real character (or lack thereof) of most party members.

I never would have imagined that they would tolerate the betrayal of our country, kowtowing to Russia, but they haven’t batted an eye. They are fine with “blood and soil” chants and Nazi salutes to President Donald Trump, and now this obscene DACA decree — a repeat of 1920s eugenics.

Trump, Sen. Roy Blunt, Rep. Vicky Hartzler and all your ilk: You have shamed yourselves and America. I promise I will never vote for another Republican.

June Ford

Archie, Mo.