Letters to the Editor

Letters: Readers discuss the Brownback veto override, the Bill Cosby trial and immigrant assimilation

Courage on taxes

Bless the Kansas legislators who have stood up to the governor’s ill-conceived tax policy. (June 7, 1A, “Veto of Kansas tax bill fails to stand up”) For a few conservatives, it was even a personal profile in courage. Thank you.

Most significantly, the LLC exemption is removed and tax law is returned to its 2012 status. It is a matter of fairness that some types of income are not entirely exempted from Kansas income tax. This income will again be taxed at the same rates (3.1 percent to 5.7 percent) as all other taxpayers pay.

It’s not a tax increase if it is the repeal of a prior tax cut.

Jim Dingwerth


Warning for all

Mary Sanchez’s well-researched column on the genesis of the shooting of young Tamir Rice should be a must-readfor all law-enforcement agencies. (June 3, 13A, “When problem police officers migrate, trouble follows them”)

But also, it is a cautionary tale for parents, who have responsibility for ensuring that their children understand what constitutes a safe plaything. Toy guns don’t look like toys any more.

Joan Henges


Unjust limits

So the trial of Bill Cosby has begun, and only two of the more than 60 women who allege that he raped them are allowed to testify because of statutes of limitations. (May 5, 10A, What to expect as Cosby’s sex assault trial begins”)

Maybe the one good thing that can come of this will be the revisitation of those laws. Given what we know now about trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder, and how difficult it is for victims to come forward without counseling and time, we owe it to those victims to tell them decisively, “What happened to you was wrong. It was not your fault, and the law is on your side.”

Instead, the message we are sending is: If you intimidate your victim well enough in the beginning, and then you hide out for long enough, you’re scot-free.

Some states have done away with statutes of limitations for rape. I guess they care more about justice than the rest of us do.

Annette Bright

Overland Park

Who’s happy?

As I plan my annual family vacation to Cancun, paid for by the windfall I receive as being one of the lucky 330,000-plus Kansans who are exempt from state tax, I can’t help but wonder whether the people who voted for Sam Brownback and the legislators who awarded me, the Koch Brothers and others this largesse are happy.

Although my accounting is admittedly flawed, it appears that almost $2 billion in taxes has not been collected from my group. But in exchange, proud Kansans can now carry guns in schools and insist that a woman who is making the most gut-wrenching choice of her life read a couple more paragraphs before deciding whether to have an abortion.

I wonder how many women would choose differently if some of that $2 billion was available in assistance.

Daniel L. Doyle


Blend in

Recently, while eating out, we observed an affluent couple we assumed to be immigrants from their dress. If asked, they would say they are Americans.

Americans are tolerant of religions and proud of our culture. When people immigrate to our country, they have an obligation to assimilate into our culture, including language, dress and loyalty to the United States.

They have no right to change our culture to coincide with their country of origin. Culture intrusion separates you from the rest of us.

Americans believe in the separation of church and state. It is the law of the land. If you do not like the law do not come. We believe in the freedom of religion and respect rights to believe whatever you want.

We are also aware of the growing confrontations between religious groups and democratic states in Europe escalating into violence. We will not let it happen here.

Stuart Brock

Prairie Village

Royals alliance

I am a Royals fan and a lifelong Jackson County resident and taxpayer. I resent that the Royals have joined with a right-wing organization whose message now is everywhere the Royals are — in other words, in the face of every fan and taxpayer who strongly disagrees with it. (June 3, 3B, “Pro-choice group chides Royals”)

We shouldn’t have to choose between our conscience and a Royals game, but many fans will do just that.

Count me out. The Royals are doing fans a big disservice.

Judith Sturgess