Letters to the Editor

Letters: Readers discuss Trump’s taxes, motorcycle helmet regrets and a carbon tax

Trump’s taxes

I wonder why there isn’t a big fuss about the release of President Donald Trump’s 2016 taxes. Surely they can’t be under audit yet.

Even if there is an extension, when are they due? Considering all the coverage of the Russian connections, one would think it would help assuage concern about whether there’s any there there.

Why aren’t reporters asking questions? Does the president plan to release his returns? Wouldn’t it be valuable to be transparent? Does he believe the public has a right to know?

I’d like to know. I know a lot of people who’d like to know. I’d like to know if the media would like to know.

Barbara Reese


Lesson learned

I would like to respond to Friday’s letter regarding the wearing of motorcycle helmets. (8A, “Helmet law”)

As a head-injury survivor from a motorcycle crash near Kansas City 30-some years ago, I stress that anyone driving or being a passenger on a motorcycle must wear a helmet.

Why? I didn’t have one on, and it has basically destroyed my life. I have little or no use of my left side, and only the support of my mother and family have sustained me.

Please, wear a helmet when riding on a motorcycle, or even a bicycle. It can mean the difference between life and death.

I also sincerely appreciate the University of Kansas Medical Center for helping me.

Nancy Hays

Atchison, Kan.

Carbon tax

As President Donald Trump is poised to dismantle the Clean Power Plan, a key piece in the U.S. effort to reduce emissions, it’s time for the U.S. to focus on a climate plan that can carry bipartisan support.

George Shultz and Howard Baker are among Republicans who have recommended a carbon tax. Rex Tillerson and Darren Woods, previous and current CEOs of ExxonMobil, have also endorsed a carbon tax, and they could not remotely be seen as liberal.

Economists’ studies show that if a carbon tax, paid by the companies extracting fossil fuels, is returned to households as a monthly dividend, it would protect individuals from energy costs, as well as act as a stimulus to the economy and stimulate growth in clean energy.

Growth in renewable energy will provide more and higher-paying jobs. The green economy already supports more jobs than fossil fuel does, even though renewables account for only about 12 percent of our domestically produced energy.

The longer we ignore this problem, the more we lose out to countries like China, which is investing heavily in low-carbon energy leading to jobs and profits staying in China.

We can do better for the economy and our children.

Jennifer Brown

Prairie Village

Get Spicer out

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer continues to open his mouth and say the wrong things. I honestly believe the American people have had more than enough of him.

President Donald Trump needs to dismiss him from his job — but will he do it?

Spicer has been a total embarrassment to our country.

Even Vice President Mike Pence is sticking behind Spicer’s public statements. Boy, we sure have a couple losers in the White House. And it will continue to grow and grow.

Tony Lordi

Kansas City

A backup

A letter writer Friday made several correct key points that clarify members of Congress’ health care. (8A, “Congress’ care”)

However, she omitted one thing: If the Affordable Care Act is repealed, our representatives have a fallback plan. They could return to the Federal Employees Health Benefits plan they were on before. Twenty million other Americans won’t.

Alison Paddock


Tough Trump?

Dan Thomasson’s “Short Take: Trump’s toughness status” is poorly argued. (April 12, 15A)

Jimmy Carter was president 40 years ago, and blaming him for destabilizing the Middle East is laughable. What about George W. Bush and the Iraq war?

Barack Obama did get much of the poison gas removed and tried to strike Syria, but Congress refused to support it. Obama is blamed for all that is wrong in the world.

Quit the blame game and let President Donald Trump try to solve the issues of our world. His Syria strike was like a pinprick from what I have heard because planes were taking off on that runway the next day. To say that he is tough because of this is presumptive.

Mary Roddy

Kansas City