Letters to the Editor

Letters: Readers discuss Supreme Court nominations, presidents’ reactions to Syria, and singing ‘Home of the Chiefs’ in the national anthem at Arrowhead

A better way

To address concerns about filling the next Supreme Court vacancy, it might be worth considering whether the confirmation vote should be done by secret ballot.

Political puppetry could be reduced, and each honorable senator would be free to exercise his or her own good judgment without repercussions.

Mary Blessing


Syria uncertainty

The U.S. president has fired a hip shot at Syria. We should expect consequences. Let’s hope they aren’t severe and irreversible.

Gordon Kauffman

Overland Park

Weapons claims

In 2015, then-President Barack Obama said, “Assad gave up his chemical weapons. That’s not speculation on our part.”

Obama lied, people died.

Jim Holmberg

Overland Park

Kansas priorities

Let me get this straight. Our state legislators are unable to insure an additional 150,000 needy Kansans under Medicaid and are unable to produce a budget that begins to reverse Gov. Sam Brownback’s disastrous economic vision.

But they are fully able to confirm an idiotic law that allows conceal and carry (no permit or training required) on university campuses and in hospitals, and now, even better, they are able to pass a law allowing stronger beer to be purchased at grocery and convenience stores in a couple years. (April 8, 9A, “Lawmakers pass stronger-beer sales in Kansas”)

I thought we were on a better path after last fall’s election, but now I wonder. Why do the voters in Kansas keep electing these people? They do nothing but waste space in Topeka.

Geraldine Diviney


Respect anthem

Hats off to the Kansas City Royals organization for a beautiful ceremony for Yordano Ventura. (April 11, 4B, “Royals players, coaches embrace Yordano Ventura’s family before home opener”)

The team and the fans sang our national anthem, honoring “the home of the brave.” If only Mayor Sly James and the Kansas City Chiefs organization would strongly insist that fans sing it with honor, instead of using the disrespectful lyrics “home of the Chiefs,” how proud our city would be.

Even during the Chiefs’ 9/11 ceremony last year honoring thousands of people who died, some fans still showed disrespect in this way to the men and women who have given their lives for our country.

Someone mentioned to me that this is freedom of speech. I just don’t believe freedom of speech should be used to disdain our national anthem.

Chiefs fans who sing those lyrics are an embarrassment to our proud city.

Peg Thornhill


Keep taxes fair

I am retired, but I worked hard for more than 40 years. I never missed a tax day, and I always believed that the taxes I paid would help my government provide services and keep me and my family safe. I was happy to pay for that.

I used loopholes like everyone else, but I never refused to pay taxes. Why can’t we have a flat tax with no loopholes, so that even corporations have to do their fair share?

I certainly don’t want taxes to finance business trips and wild-game killing for President Donald Trump’s useless sons. Trump’s taxpayer-funded golf weekends use money that could help the most vulnerable of our compatriots.

Our grandchildren are our future. Let’s not make them have to wonder where their next meals will come from because of the moral erosion of our government by the self-serving, hypocritical rich.

Jim Semadeni

Kansas City

Special service

Sandra Lee Berry died March 27. She worked for Plaza Ford-Ideal Laundry & Dry Cleaners for 35 years, much of that time in the Waldo store. She greeted every customer with a smile and by name.

I never had to give her my phone number to retrieve my order because she knew it by heart. She always asked about my family, and I came to know hers through her stories.

Her efficiency, charm and customer service were unparalleled. God speed, dear Sandy. You are missed terribly.

Ann McLiney

Kansas City

Moving film

It is difficult for me to understand why The Star will spend a great deal of space reviewing some easily forgettable movies and not review “The Case for Christ.” In book form, it was very well received and caused many to rethink their priorities in life.

Milburn Hobson

Prairie Village