Letters to the Editor

Letters: Readers discuss KC’s tax burden, Trump’s Russia connection and brave Kansas legislators

Too much tax

In Kansas City’s quest to make the city more livable, it is running the risk of making it unaffordable.

Every time my property is reassessed, my tax bill increases, and so do all properties in the metro.

I may forgo watering my lawn from now on with my water bill averaging $100 a month. Now that we have a new tax burden, this is just a step to next year or the year after when the need for revenue increases again.

With every tax increase, bureaucracy grows, requiring more revenue. And with politicians being true to form (agree to anything to obtain an objective, then all rules can be changed), a once-affordable city is changing for the worse.

Jerry Jackson

Kansas City


I find it ironic that the Republicans are more concerned about who leaked the information about President Donald Trump’s advisers’ links to Russia than they are about what could be considered an act of treason, because the 2016 presidential election is so tainted.

Republican diversion from potentially treasonous acts reminds me of the movie “The Wizard of Oz,” where the wizard says, “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.” In other words, don’t look at the Russian connection, but look at who told you of the wrongdoing.

The Russian connection cannot be ignored, nor can Trump’s advisers’ wrongdoing, making it necessary for an independent counsel to get to the bottom of the allegations.

All of this simply doesn’t pass the smell test. If what is suspected is true, then Trump needs to be impeached and our democracy preserved.

Robert H. Miller Jr.

Overland Park

Growing pains

I’m finally figuring it out. America is simply being America.

Look at our history. We fought for a free nation and then fought the Civil War to end a pernicious sin of choice, while subsequently committing ourselves to the systematic destruction of native lives, as if one action balances out the other.

America is all about balance. By all accounts, we are living in unbalanced times. The emerging pathology is centered on the belief that rhetoric has little merit. Alternative facts are all the rage.

We changed and grew through one human-rights struggle after another and always chose the path toward justice. Still, we let this happen.

The good news is that President Donald Trump is a pop quiz. Fail him and insist that he work harder and stop trying to cheat.

America has a history of using scales to balance justice. We measure everything. Why does it take so long to pull the scales from our eyes?

We messed up. Atone. Resist.

Michael T. Patton

Kansas City

Rethink support?

I’m wondering whether Steve Rose would like to amend his endorsement for Senate Majority Leader Jim Denning’s re-election.

In his Sept. 10, 2016, column (23A, “Kansas voters should keep these conservatives in the Legislature”), Rose praised Denning for “buck(ing) the governor” and for wanting to “take a second look at the ‘LLC loophole’ ” and being a “leader in calling it the travesty that it is.”

Yet Denning’s recent votes to sustain Gov. Sam Brownback’s veto of the LLC loophole and to not expand Medicaid to the poorest Kansans seem to paint Denning not as the “independent thinker” Mr. Rose touted him to be but what he has always been.

Just another Brownback sycophant in the Kansas Senate.

Lucas Walker

De Soto

Standing up

It’s time to say thank you to the Republican Kansas representatives who stood up for what is right in the case of carrying loaded guns into schools and clinics: Shelee Brim, Stephanie Clayton and Melissa Rooker. (April 5, 4A, “Effort to roll back concealed carry law on campuses fails”)

How is it that only three women have the courage to deny pressure from the NRA and other gun backers? What are the rest of you afraid of?

I have received a lot of hate mail from gun owners when I write about my aversion to this gun culture. They sometimes use violent expressions and act as if they are entitled to intimidation. I can only imagine how they express themselves to our public servants.

These women deserve our support and encouragement so that when the others in the Legislature see how this thoughtless law can backfire, they may rethink their allegiance to an association dedicated to overriding common sense and public safety. This is one of the most ridiculous bills ever passed in this state.

As usual, Kansas stays in the dark ages. At least there is a glimmer of light from these three women.

Ellen Murphy

Mission Hills