Letters to the Editor

Letters: Readers discuss the animal shelter, BBC America and the D.C. swamp

Shelter issue

For the 10,000 homeless animals who arrive at the woefully small, outdated KC Pet Project shelter facility each year, 10,000 people are responsible for their situations. This open letter is for those folks:

Lock gates and repair fences so pets don’t escape. Stop cruelty, neglect and abuse. Always spay and neuter your pets. Never backyard breed to sell the puppies.

Do not get a dog purely for security purposes; they are companion animals, not equipment. When adopting, have a plan to afford vet care and food. Adopting a pet is a commitment for the lifespan of that pet.

If the 10,000 people responsible for the 10,000 homeless animals who come to KC Pet Project annually commit to becoming pet-educated and responsible, we won’t need a new shelter. But unless that happens, please vote yes on Question 3 on April 4. Do it for the sake of those homeless animals that desperately need the care that KC Pet Project provides.

Carol Coe

Kansas City

Editor’s note: This author is not the Carol Coe who served on the Kansas City Council.

If some of you are considering not voting for Question 3 because $14 million would go to building an animal shelter instead of helping people, remember that you also would be voting against spending $36 million to make our city buildings accessible to people with disabilities.

If the spending on animals still concerns you, remember these words:: “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”

I believe this is true of cities as well as nations. We say that we want to be a city that includes everyone, and everyone should include helpless animals as well. Please vote yes on Question 3 to allow Kansas City to become that city.

Rachel Whipple

Kansas City

Trusted source

In this age when news organizations seem more interested in propaganda than a search for truth, I want to remind readers that there is a source for world news and features available on many cable systems and on the internet. This is BBC America, the only television network that educates Americans about events occurring all over the world with stories you will never hear unless you have a subscription to The New York Times or some other international media.

Like The Star and many other newspapers, the BBC presents information in an unbiased way and lets the reader make of it what she can. We can hear feature stories from all over the globe. And, who knows, we might learn a thing or two from other nations.

Tune in now. You will, like me, be amazed at what you don’t know.

Geoffrey Allen

Lee’s Summit

Blame game

So now both parties are pointing fingers at each other over the Russian invasion on our election. I believe I remember our president promising to “drain the swamp,” and yet there he is along with the left and the right swimming together at the All-Inclusive Swamp Club.

All while not one thing is being done to balance the budget, save jobs or repair our roads. We have in two short months damaged our relationships with England and Israel and embarrassed the leader of Germany.

Along with blaming each other, of course, the “Blame Obama” chant is heard loud and strong from the White House. Just like it was for President Barack Obama and crew when it was “Blame Bush” season at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

As a Republican, I am very embarrassed by our party and those in leadership positions. When are you going to begin to do the job you were sent to do? Or is our president just a politician at heart and feels right at home in that swamp?

Jerry Harper


Feline killers

I enjoy watching squirrels play in the trees that line my yard, so it distresses me that neighbors allow their cats to roam. Many times I see a cat chasing a squirrel.

If this was for survival purposes, I’d say go ahead and let nature takes its course. But pet cats hunt just to hunt. I am certain there is a lovely bowl of kibble awaiting them at home.

It is unfair to make laws demanding dogs be on leashes while outside, when cats cause more damage to other animals.

I propose that laws be enacted that outside cats be fitted with bells so they would be unable to make sneak attacks on small animals.

I realize they catch mice and rats also. But I think feral cats can take care of those creatures, and it would be for survival purposes.

Laurie Todd