Letters to the Editor

Letters: Readers discuss immigration, dangers in the home and the women’s marches


My kudos to The Star for listing phone numbers for Missouri and Kansas members of Congress with your Jan. 31 editorial, “Immigration, refugee order must be withdrawn. Today.” (Jan. 31, 12A)

I used that to call all the listed offices and was able to talk live with real people in each office (including Sen. Pat Roberts’). Therefore, I was confused when I opened the Opinion page Feb. 1 and read a letter stating “Roberts apparently shut down his phone so he wouldn’t have to take calls.”

Moreover, I was most confused when later it stated, “He won’t listen to anyone who might disagree.”

My question for the writer: If he shut down his phone and you did not talk with him, how can you assume it was because it’s from “anyone who might disagree”?

Jim Kerske

Pleasant Hill, Mo.

TV danger

The two weeks ahead of the Super Bowl are one of the biggest TV-buying seasons. But these TV purchases could pose a danger to children. We lost our 2-year-old son, Charlie, to a furniture tip-over incident, and we are writing to prevent other Kansas City parents from experiencing a similar tragedy.

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, every 30 minutes a child visits the ER from a tip-over injury, often when they attempt to climb furniture or televisions.

Since losing Charlie, we started Charlie’s House, dedicated to preventing injuries to children in and around the home. We also partnered with CPSC on its Anchor It! Campaign, which provides tip-over prevention information. Anchor existing furniture with inexpensive anti-tip brackets available at hardware or electronics stores, and install anti-tip brackets that come with new furniture. If a flat-screen TV isn’t wall-mounted, anchor it to the wall or furniture.

If anchoring isn’t possible, place TVs on a low television stand. Always remove toys from the top of TVs and furniture that might tempt kids to climb.

Visit AnchorIt.gov to learn more. We urge all Kansas City residents with children in their home to take our advice and avoid a similar tragedy.

Brett and Jenny Horn

Kansas City

Brooks column

As much as I appreciate David Brooks’ usually insightful commentary, I think his characterization of the post-inaugural women’s marches as “tropes of identity politics” and his conclusion that their reaction is “too small for the moment” are themselves just that. (Jan. 26, 13A, “After the women’s march”)

Contending that “the marches offered the pink hats, an anti-Trump movement built, oddly, around Planned Parenthood and lots of signs with the word ‘pussy’ in them,” Brooks blithely and gratuitously concludes “the definition of America is up for grabs.”

By employing the cheap shot, “up for grabs,” Brooks himself has reduced the value of the women’s marches to a sexual slur and denigrated the significance of the issues particularly associated with women. On Maslow’s scale, reproductive rights, affordable health care and action on climate change are fundamental human needs.

Parenthood itself and the nurturance of adequate health care in a sustainable environment are fundamental to the social “discipline of party politics” Brooks extols.

Perhaps the real threat is the patriarchal sexism that has informed so much of the “alternative patriotism” for which Brooks speaks.

What is truly “odd,” though, is that as articulate as Brooks usually is, this time he has fallen into the trap of his own tropes.

James J. Heiman

Blue Springs

Obama, Muslims

So many people are talking about the (so-called) Muslim ban and how it doesn’t fit with our American standards.

OK, how about we discuss the number of Muslims, both combatants and non-combatants, who have been targeted and killed by then-President Barack Obama through drone strikes and so on?

Not to mention how he violated the sovereignty of Pakistan when he sent in our troops, not to capture and bring Osama bin Laden back to face justice in the United States, but simply to kill (some would say murder) him.

How does that fit with our American sense of justice and decency?

What message does that send to Muslims around the world?

Raymond Morrison


Trump inspiration

I want to thank President Donald Trump for being the inspiration and motivator of many just causes whose voices we are finally hearing.

Without him, it would have been just another four years of boredom.

David Lewis


Kansas City