Letters to the Editor

Letters: Airport convenience disputed, newspaper carriers saluted

KCI debate

Thank you so much to Steve Rose for his Dec. 18 column on the mistake Kansas City is making if it doesn’t move to a single-terminal airport (29A, “Kansas City Council must avoid a public vote on KCI upgrade”).

I live in Manhattan, Kan., and travel many weeks each year by air, both for business and pleasure. I do everything I can to avoid KCI.

The perception of convenience by local residents is way off base. What makes this out-of-date airport convenient? The parking situation? Give me a break.

The fact that each gate has its own security line with no amenities inside the gate is terrible for travelers. With things like TSA precheck, security lines are manageable at most major airports where I travel.

If the city continues down the path of renovation and not replacement, I will continue to choose airports in the region, including Manhattan and Wichita, that serve passengers and the airlines in a more appropriate and traveler-friendly way.

Kansas City needs to make its decisions using input from those who actually use the airport, not those who talk about what is convenient with no actual experience.

Matt Paquette

Manhattan, Kan.

After reading Steve Rose’s column about a one-terminal airport, it appears that he supports Southwest Airlines’ plan instead of letting the people decide. He gave numerous reasons that the citizens would not vote for a one-terminal airport and only one (Southwest’s desires) for the new plan.

Friends, relatives and I have traveled to many states, and everyone loves our configuration.

We don’t care for a “front door to be proud of,” especially if it doesn’t amount to easier travel for customers, and KCI couldn’t be any easier.

I’ve been to Denver, Minnesota, Los Angeles, Phoenix and Seattle, and nothing compares to our airport as far as being let off at the door and walking a few steps to board the plane.

Maybe some people don’t like it. But according to those I know who use our airport the most, they suggest we leave our configuration alone.

Teri Weiter


U.S. Rep. Sam Graves is not in favor of building a new terminal at KCI, nor are some members of the Kansas City Council.

The voters who will approve or reject a new terminal represent a relatively small percentage of people who use the airport. So the probability of this project being approved is remote.

There is no law that says the airport must be in Missouri. I propose an airport be built in Johnson County.

New Century AirCenter in Gardner is available and would be a perfect location for a new, modern, single-terminal airport.

Southwest Airlines believes there is an urgent need to build it.

Denver opened its modern airport in 1995, and it reports a $26 billion annual economic impact for the state.

I can’t estimate the economic impact from a new airport in Johnson County, but it would be substantial.

We need to begin immediately to avoid escalating costs.

Let’s move forward and get this project completed.

Kent Mitchell


Debt plan

The government’s student-loan program has created a nightmare for many recipients. They have graduated from college with massive debts and are unable to find jobs that would enable them to pay off those debts.

I believe there is a way to change this.

There are occupations that have shortages of qualified workers.

The government should provide loans only for those being trained to enter one of those occupations.

Loans should be available for those attending vocational training schools as well as for those going to four-year colleges.

Students would still graduate with debts, but they would have a better chance of finding jobs that would enable them to pay off those debts.

Clyde Herrin

Bonner Springs

Cyclist demands

I’m perplexed by the demands of bicycle riders.

Is it that the fuel tax they pay to support the roads they want to ride on are being misused? No, they generate no revenue that way.

Is it the license fee they pay that’s being misused? No — no license needed.

It must be the personal property tax they pay on their bikes. What, no property tax on bicycles?

Perhaps they should ride on the sidewalks and let the people who pay for the roads use them, or we should license and tax the bicycles.

Dan Lopez

Kansas City

Intrepid carriers

Hey, how about a shout-out to all our newspaper carriers who are out there in the wee hours and the bitter, bitter cold, driving with a window open so they can deliver our papers?

There’s no way to keep a vehicle really warm when you have to either leave the window open or keep opening and closing it, not to mention how early you have to get up to do this job.

Getting my morning paper is a day-brightener every day. Thank you.

Barbara Young