Letters to the Editor

Readers share thoughts on Hillary Clinton, presidential election, guns, patriots

‘Hillary’s America’

My husband and I recently attended the movie “Hillary’s America.” It should have been subtitled “The Democrat Party from Inception through Hillary Clinton’s Candidacy.”

This movie should be required viewing by every Republican and Democrat, every man and woman, every black person, every Latino and every independent or undecided voter before Election Day 2016.

It was very enlightening. See it, and vote your conscience.

Patricia McNamara

Linn Valley, Kan.

Picking a president

As we can finally begin to see the light at the end of the too-long-election-campaign tunnel, we need to sit back and give thought to a few things. If you have a favorite presidential candidate, remember that all the concepts, promises and ideas espoused by these candidates are worthless without the support of Congress.

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump can’t build a wall without the approval and funding by Congress. It is similar to President Barack Obama being unable to close the Guantanamo detention facility because Congress would not fund it.

Get to know your representatives and senators and find out whether they will support your candidate for the presidency. The wrong Congress will just prolong the futile eight-year stalemate we’ve been experiencing.

We cannot take any more of the crippling hostility between the executive and legislative branches in Washington, D.C. Know who you want, and then vote to make that president, the country and its citizens succeed by voting for members of Congress who will work with the new president.

Our future depends on it. God bless America.

Larry Bilotta

Kansas City

Guns, U.S. patriots

Two laminated cards in my wallet are significant to me: my Certificate of Degree of Indian Blood card and my concealed-carry card.

The CDIB card reminds me that our government has previously removed weapons from citizens. When they disarmed us, they promised, “We will protect you.”

Contrary to media reports, the Orlando, Fla., massacre was not the worst massacre in U.S. history. Wounded Knee was. An estimated 150 to 300 disarmed Native American men, women and children were murdered in their place of guaranteed safety, the Lakota Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in 1890. They were murdered by the government that promised to protect them and confiscated their weapons.

My concealed-carry permit reminds me that one patriot can neutralize the threat of a lone wolf Islamic terrorist. Had there been one such patriot in the Orlando nightclub, there would have been a completely different outcome.

Americans in droves are buying firearms. Why? Government has proved it cannot protect us from radicalized Muslims. And, without weapons, who will protect us from our own American government?

My ancestors witnessed the Revolutionary War. It was fought over the right to bear arms. The patriots defeated the British because they had not allowed themselves to be disarmed.

Chuck Terrill

Valley Center, Kan.

End gun violence

Have you noticed that most violent crime occurs after midnight and into the early-morning hours?

A midnight curfew for areas in Kansas City plagued by gun play and homicides is not, of course, possible. In some way, however, the police and the National Guard, or whatever other agency might be mobilized, should be deployed in numbers sufficient to have a stabilizing effect and be prepared to take action.

The mere presence of an observer force can have a salutary effect.

We’ve heard way too often that “this has to stop,” but until anguish and hope are met by concrete efforts, there seems to be no end in sight. This looks like a job for a well-regulated militia.

Steve Sherry

Kansas City

GOP, black voters

Attention, black American voters: If you think the Republicans and GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump are your new best friends, just consider their slogan, “Make America Great Again.”

They have spent the last eight years making life difficult for our first African-American president. They love you so much they are making it as hard as possible for you to vote. They pledge to reverse all the social progress of the last 30 years, especially Obamacare.

If you think they are your new best friends, I have some oceanfront property in Arizona I would like to sell you.

Louis Joline

Lake Tapawingo