Letters to the Editor

Readers share views on Donald Trump, funding schools, KC Chiefs

School funding is an ongoing topic of discussion.
School funding is an ongoing topic of discussion. KRT

Trump presidency

Every American president had prior government experience.

All 44 were elected, appointed and/or served in the military.

The Constitution does not require government experience as a prerequisite for the job of president, nor does it require candidates to possess the virtues of honesty and trustworthiness.

Voters, however, have always demanded that presidential candidates have government experience but have turned a blind eye to moral lapses.

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump could be the first president in U.S. history to transition directly from business office to Oval Office.

Therefore, voters should learn everything possible about the size, scope and extent of Trump Enterprises in order to assess the potential for conflicts of interest.

Kenneth Lee


Education funding

Kansas solicitor general Stephen McAllister argued that Emerson Elementary is an example of improvement without additional funding (9-22, A1, “A third of Kansas kids are falling behind, attorney tells Kansas Supreme Court”).

Actually, my children attended Emerson Elementary at the time. The turn around mentioned in this article included more than a change in personnel, although that was part of it. Improvement happened with a significant amount of federal grant funding.

Because of that funding, Emerson was able to make several significant improvements. For example, the school hired a parent and family engagement specialist.

That allowed the school to develop stronger ties with parents and to inform parents of effective strategies to support students. Emerson’s improvement did include additional funding.

Sally Murguia

Kansas City, Kan.

Chiefs’ season

Alex Smith has again proved that he is not a quality NFL quarterback. The Chiefs will only be as successful as Smith is, and he is not good enough to be very successful. It will be a long season for Chiefs fans, I am afraid.

Richard W. Dahms

Country Club, Mo.

KC Star textbook

Thank you, thank you.

When I opened my Sept. 20 opinion section, there was Paul Krugman (“Obama’s policies have given ordinary Americans a big lift”) in his usual space to help me understand what is going with financial affairs in the U.S. and in the world.

I have no problem with his liberal bias. I factor it into my thinking while still marveling at his longtime focus and brilliance.

And there was David Brooks (“Those who sit out national anthem hurt their cause”) focusing on understanding the importance of what our historical grounding demands us to respect every day by our personal actions as they represent our beliefs to ourselves, the nation and the world.

The writers who help us understand diversity and other issues are appreciated, but these two guys give us on a weekly basis an understanding that we don’t find elsewhere.

Thanks for keeping these teachers in The Star textbook.

Also, missing is the column that answered consumer questions. Any chance of bringing that back?

Martha Field


Important to vote

Today, Oct. 12, Nov. 8.

What’s so important about those dates?

Today is National Voter Registration Day.

Across the country, the League of Women Voters will be working to register qualified individuals to vote. Sadly, only about 65 percent of qualified individuals are registered.

Oct. 12 is the last day on which a Missouri resident can register to vote in the general election on Nov. 8, including for the most important elected official in the country — the president of the United States.

The entire community needs to work together to encourage people to register and then to go to the polls and vote. Kudos go to a broad range of local organizations that are working on this effort — the AAUW, What U Can Do, the NAACP, Alpha Kappa Alpha, MORE2, the ACLU, Jobs with Justice and others.

Sites in Jackson County where you can register include the Kansas City Board of Election Commissioners office in Union Station, most libraries, the State Office Building on East 13th Street and the City Hall Action Center on East 12th Street.

You can download a voter registration form from the website for the Kansas City Board of Elections (kceb.org).

Linda Smith

and Donna Hoch


League of Women

Voters KC

Kansas City

Fighting politicians

I'm not sure about all those folks who listen to the political talk these days. I grow weary of them always “fighting” for this or that issue.

I suggest that politicians stop “fighting” and go to “work” on issues. So far fighting has gotten us nothing but more fighting.

Let's give it a break and get politicians to start working for the American public.

Bill Stephens

Overland Park

Kansas disgrace

It has always been my belief that Americans love the idea of democracy. It is a word that means “government by the people.” That’s supposed to mean we call the shots.

What we have is less than ideal in Kansas. We have Kris Kobach, the secretary of state, who behaves like the troll on the bridge to democracy, demanding, “Don’t you cross my bridge, or I’ll jail you.” His efforts to restrict voting and marginalize immigrants are a disgrace to democracy.

Armand Way