A romp in rhyme by Don Munday: No doubt about it, 2014 was quite a catch

The nation watched — enthralled, amazed, by all our Royals’ diving plays.
The nation watched — enthralled, amazed, by all our Royals’ diving plays. The Kansas City Star

The glory of October! How it gave us all a thrill!

And even in these winter days, it lingers with us still.

When looking back, our year was crowned by a team that had a knack

For winning. So, we’ll sum it up — our Kansas City’s back!

A heavy burden, badge of shame, the team and city carried

For nearly three full decades as October hopes were buried.

Yet somehow or another as the end of season drifted

We headed to a playoff spot — the Royals’ curse was lifted!

We likely had no inkling of the craziness unloosed:

The promise of a puppy, and the tumbling catch by Moose;

The fan who crossed the ocean wide, as path ahead

we’re mappin’ —

The grown adults who weren’t alive the last time this all happened.

Now, when you’re in the wild card spot, you’re due a wild game:

We’re down by four? We tied it! And we’re down by one? The same!

That extra-inning marathon was signal to the nation;

Our catcher rapped the winning hit; the headline

blared “Salvation!”

We swept the vaunted Angels, and bid Baltimore adieu;

As fountains far and fountains near now gushed in Royal blue.

So many times, so many games, we lagged in our attack;

Yet rivals learned (to their regret) that Kansas City’s back!

Then ecstasy! The Series came, with all of its surprises;

Our hopes were high, but higher still: those crazy ticket prices.

Remember our excitement of those heady Series plays —

“You see the catch Lorenzo made — or was that Willie Mays?”

“Is Holland king of closers? Or is Davis? Who can tell?”

We asked each other time again: “But golly, ain’t this swell!”

And just one question still remained when crowds

no longer roared...

“Should Gordon have been waved on home — ’cause heck, he might’ve scored!”

Across the lot at Arrowhead, we also thought of glory;

But losses in midseason went and tangled up that story.

Perhaps the fall was tainted by the January jitters;

That playoff game at Indy that still rankles and embitters —

Ahead four touchdowns in the third, we thought it all a joke;

But cataclysmic second half just added up to “choke.”

Of course, there’s more than sports to make a year that

fills our wants;

Just look around what’s happened in these dozen busy months.

The Station had a birthday bash; centennial, it boasted;

We mustered all our adjectives as edifice we toasted:

Majestic! Noble! Stately, still! In marvel how we wondered;

Oh, would that we all look as good the day we turn a hundred.

And don’t forget the drama that a spelling bee can sprout:

Two local kids competed till the words at last ran out.

At later date, it all resumed, till one turned out lamps;

You’re surely in agreement that they both are truly champs.

The president, he came to town and gave a rousing speech;

And like most folks who visit us, he had a bite to eat.

He dined on ribs, and heading out, a take-out order crowned:

A thousands bucks of BBQ was off to D.C. town.

The waterpark built giant slide — the tallest (so it swears)

For anyone who’s brave enough to clank up all those stairs.

Another “biggest” honor? It’s a tree, for heaven’s sake;

Now recognized by forest folks as biggest in the state.

Some chimps (with time to ponder such), they managed an escape;

The zoo kept its composure, but the TV news went ape.

For barely just an hour was their freedom from the pack;

The tempting taste of celery was used to lure ’em back.

A sculpture in the out-of-doors, amid the pleasant days,

Erected at the Gallery has left us all a-mazed.

A labyrinth with see-through walls, which add a little class;

Like many folks, we likely left our nose-prints in the glass.

So that was Twenty-Fourteen, and its lesson brightly gleams:

The boys in blue have taught us all the power of our dreams.

The coming year, we trust, shall shine — such blessings

it shall pack!

For how could it be otherwise, with Kansas City back?

(In an Opinion Page tradition, this retrospective romp in rhyme is offered up by The Star’s resident versifier, Don Munday, and heartily endorsed by the Editorial Board.)