Monday Poll results: Outlook on the first Democratic presidential debate

Hillary Clinton in Iowa
Hillary Clinton in Iowa Associated Press

This week we asked for your outlook on the first Democratic presidential debate, Tuesday night on CNN. Here are the results of the unscientific survey, based on nearly 300 responses:

1) I plan to tune in to the two-hour debate on Tuesday.

Agree: I’m a Democrat and want to cheer my party on 49%

Agree: I’m a Republican, or independent, and want to see what the other side is up to 20%

Isn’t there a baseball game on that night? 16%

Not interested at the moment 15%

2) Hillary Clinton is the leading Democratic candidate and I’m sticking with her all the way.

Agree strongly 16%

Agree somewhat 13%

Disagree somewhat 16%

Disagree strongly 55%

3) Of the Democratic alternatives, my choice would be:

Bernie Sanders 55%

Jim Webb 9%

Martin O’Malley 1%

Lincoln Chafee 3%

Joe Biden 31%

4) The debate topic that I hope will be discussed the most:

The economy and jobs 56%

Foreign policy 9%

Terrorism and national security 10%

Immigration reform 10%

The environment and climate change 15%