A judge ordered a Missouri poacher to watch ‘Bambi.’ Here are our movie mandates


The prolific Missouri poacher who has been ordered by a judge to watch the Disney movie “Bambi” once a month as part of his sentence got us mulling what movies we’d like to mandate for some of those we wrote about this year.

For Laura Kelly, the Democratic Governor-elect of Kansas, we’re thinking ”Jaws.” (Oh look, it’s GOP Senate President Susan Wagle, just off the starboard bow, and as always, she’s smiling.) A bigger boat? Nah, not as long as you’re ready to close the beach.

For the man Kelly defeated, Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, “The Grapes of Wrath,”’ because not everyone who is struggling is really just a handout-seeker in need of a good punitive kick in the teeth . Other educational films on our list for Kobach include ”El Norte,” about a Guatemalan brother and sister fleeing violence in their home country. And “A Better Life,” about a Mexican immigrant trying to keep his son out of trouble in East L.A. And “Under the Same Moon,” about a Mexican child traveling north to find his mother.

For Missouri’s Senator-elect Josh Hawley, “A Man for All Seasons.” Kidding. But no kidding, “Advise and Consent,” the 1962 Otto Preminger classic about casual political perfidy and an anti-communist Washington “witch hunt” of the sort that actually occurred.

For the incumbent he defeated, Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill, anything with her look-alike Miranda Richardson.

For the incoming Missouri attorney general, Eric Schmitt, who will be taking over Hawley’s job and the important but so far back-burner investigation of sex abuse by Catholic clergy, “The Verdict,” to remind him what he’s up against, and “Spotlight,” to remind him what’s at stake.

For Missouri’s sole Democratic surviving statewide officeholder, Nicole Galloway, the underdog anthem “Rocky.”

For Missouri Sen. Roy Blunt, whose meaning is not always clear, “Truman,” about the power of plain speaking.

For Kansas City Mayor Sly James, “Airport,” of course.

For beleaguered Jackson County Executive Frank White, ”Bad News Bears,” maybe?

And for soon-to-be Kansas 3rd District Rep. Sharice Davids, Capra’s inevitable ”Mr. Smith Goes to Washington,” because with the eyes of a newcomer, Jimmy Stewart isn’t afraid to go way off script.