Kansas Democrat Sharice Davids: ‘I was just not being very articulate’ on ICE

Sharice Davids (center), candidate for U.S. House from Kansas’ 3rd District
Sharice Davids (center), candidate for U.S. House from Kansas’ 3rd District The Star

In a brief interview with The Star’s editorial board on Sunday, Democratic Kansas congressional candidate Sharice Davids said she didn’t answer criticism about whether she supports abolishing ICE sooner because she thought she’d already made herself clear.

“I had said it multiple times,” that she wants to reform rather than do away with the agency that enforces our immigration laws, she said in a sit-down before a campaign stop at a church in Kansas City, Kansas.

And “I came out with my own ad to rebut” the attack ad against her on this issue, in her race against the incumbent Republican, Kevin Yoder.

True, but there was a discrepancy to clear up, because Davids also said, in an interview for a podcast in July, that “I would, I would” support doing away with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

How does she explain those comments? “To be honest, I feel like I was just not being very articulate” in the podcast interview, she said.

She said she’d already thought through her position when she gave that July interview, and that it hasn’t changed.

But articulately or not, that isn’t what she said then.

As we’ve already written, Yoder has changed his mind about immigration issues so many times that he’s effectively taken this discrepancy off the table as a campaign issue.

Just last week, Yoder reversed course, under pressure from fellow Republicans, on whether immigration officials can take domestic violence into account when assessing the claims of asylum-seekers. First he said yes, and now it’s a no.

Davids said that the only context in which she’s ever asked about the ICE issue by voters as she’s campaigning is this: “Frankly, they ask why this ad that seems so blatantly mischaracterizing” is on the air, sponsored by a PAC that supports Yoder.

But the next time there’s a question about something Davids has said, we hope she doesn’t wait so long to talk about it in person, and not just in a campaign ad. She talks a lot about showing up and being more available to constituents than Yoder has been, and doing that means talking about issues you’d rather not have to address.