Wade Davis’ streak without allowing extra-base hit snapped in Royals’ victory

Kansas City Royals relief pitcher Wade Davis went nearly four full months without allowing an extra-base hit.
Kansas City Royals relief pitcher Wade Davis went nearly four full months without allowing an extra-base hit. The Kansas City Star

Ned Yost could not help himself.

“I was hoping he’d make it to Aug. 1,” he said with a grin.

Wade Davis didn’t even know.

“Somebody told me in the training room when I got in,” he said. “Not before that. I figured I had already given up a couple of those.”

He was wrong.

No, Davis did not yield an extra-base hit in 2014 until the eighth inning of Thursday’s Royals victory over the Twins. It was an astounding stretch of time: 43 appearances, 45 1/3 innings, 179 batters faced.

The 180th hitter of the season bested him. It was All Star catcher Kurt Suzuki. Davis stuffed an 0-1 curve at the knees, but Suzuki still dumped the pitch down the left-field line. Davis recovered, as he has so often this season, to strike out a pair of batters and maintain the Royals’ lead.

Davis was more surprised than impressed with his string of success.

“That’s what you’re trying to do, induce weak contact and swing-and-misses,” Davis said. “So I’ve done a pretty good job of that, for the most part.”

Yost attempted to place the feat in perspective.

“That was phenomenal, what he did there, to get almost to Aug. 1 without giving up an extra-base hit,” Yost said.


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“Do You” by Spoon.

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