Royals expect metal detectors to speed up entry to Kauffman Stadium

The Royals had metal detectors at Kauffman Stadium on Tuesday.
The Royals had metal detectors at Kauffman Stadium on Tuesday.

The prospect of going through a metal detector at Kauffman Stadium may seem ominous, but the Royals think fans will like it.

For the last three years, the Royals have used a wand in lieu of the full detectors, but Major League Baseball encouraged teams to use the walk-through detectors.

“We felt like the fans were kind of used to that in other venues … I really feel like it’s going to speed up the process,” Cook said. “It basically is set at a level where they do their job but they are not going to fire off with every conceivable thing you have on your body. As I’ve said, we want it to be an entertainment venue, not a federal courthouse or an airport.

“You find the happy medium between keeping people safe and screening for any threats but also just come to a baseball game.”

Fans will be asked to remove their keys, cell phones, wallet and camera and put those items in a tray. There will be multiple lines at each gate. Fans without a bag will be able to use one line. People with backpacks, purses, larger bags or diaper bags will use a different line.

In past years, fans often had to stop, turn and allow the person with a wand to check their front and back. Starting Sunday, people will simply walk through.

As in the past, fans can bring in food and also water in unopened plastic bottles (1-liter or smaller). However, alcohol (beer, wine, liquor and hard cider) is prohibited. Bags can’t exceed this size: 16 inches by 16 inches by 8 inches.

“What’s allowed in the ballpark and what’s not hasn’t changed,” Cook said.

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