Watch special 360 degree-view videos from Royals spring training

The Kansas City Star used a special 360 degree-view video camera to take our readers to the Royals’ spring-training camp. The videos use the latest in technology to give you unique views of activities at training camp.

Unfortunately, not all Internet browsers or devices are compatible with the requirements to view these videos in the manner they are meant to be viewed. The best results for viewing through a tradition web browser are obtained by viewing our pages with updated versions of Google Chrome or Firefox.

Each mobile device varies on the ability to play these videos but if you do use a mobile device you will be able to move the device around to explore the scene. Enjoy!

Here are the videos:

An additional option for viewing is by clicking or tapping the links below to The Star’s Facebook page:

This is the video on Eric Hosmer and this is the video of outfielder Jarrod Dyson.