Royals fan in Hawaii wishes he was in Kansas City

Chris and Suzie Holmes may be in Hawaii, but their hearts are in Kansas City.
Chris and Suzie Holmes may be in Hawaii, but their hearts are in Kansas City. Submitted photo

This is a switch.

In 2007, Chris Holmes left Kansas City and moved to Hawaii, specifically the city of Lihue on the island of Kauai.

Yet Holmes dreams of leaving the land where palm trees sway for Kansas City, where we could see a 50-degree swing in the temperature this week.

Not surprisingly, Holmes is a Royals fan.

“I would be right there if I could be,” Holmes wrote on his Facebook page. “Great job Kansas City Royals getting to the World Series, see if you can set another record and not lose a single postseason game!”

That, of course, didn’t happen. Nevertheless, the Royals have been a topic of conversation at Holmes’ store Kauai Bound, which specializes in snorkel gear and golf club rentals.

“I have customers who stopped from Canada and they are like we’re behind the Royals 100 percent, the whole country is,” Holmes said Friday by phone.

“This afternoon, right before I closed my shop to head over to watch the rest of the game, I had a couple ladies walking in and one of them was wearing the ‘American League we own the pennant’ shirt.”

Sure enough, the woman was vacationing from Kansas City.

Holmes said that where he lives, people are split 50-50 in their allegiance between the Royals and San Francisco Giants.

But everyone knows who he is rooting for.

“Just making it to the World Series was incredible,” Holmes said. “Nobody here believed that the Royals would actually make it. Everybody is talking about how much fun it looks like they’re having on the field. I think that’s what’s doing it, that’s what is winning so many people over.”

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