Think you’re a real cowboy, state Rep. Warren Love? Take off that hat.

Real cowboy?

Missouri state Rep. Warren Love states he is a “western man” and “cowboy of the Capitol” to justify his recommendation to hang a person who threw paint on a Confederate monument in Springfield. (Sept. 1, 1A, “Missouri lawmaker is criticized for post saying monument vandal should be hanged”)

I’ve lived in Montana and Wyoming. Although Missouri is west of the Mississippi, no one in the western plains, Rocky Mountains or West Coast would ever describe Missouri as “western” or “cowboy.”

For Love to use those terms as an excuse for his extrajudicial recommendation to hang a person, regardless of the incident, reveals a character I hope does not represent the good people of Missouri. He certainly does not represent western values. Someone needs to educate him that vigilantes went out when civilization and law came in.

Take the cowboy hat off, Warren. You don’t merit it.

Pat Neary

Billings, Mont.