Join The Star’s editorial board on Facebook Live with Dana Wright and Scott Parks

This week, The Star is taking Facebook Live on the road to the studios of radio station 98.1 FM, KMBZ. Join the conversation when Dana Wright and Scott Parks welcome The Star editorial board to their program, where we’ll be broadcasting live on Facebook and on the radio.

When: 4 p.m. Wednesday

Where: www.facebook.com/KCStarOpinion

Who: Star editorial board members Dave Helling and Derek Donovan will talk with the hosts of the Dana & Parks show.

What: The conversation on Dana & Parks can go just about anywhere. We will discuss City Hall’s new proposal to open up the KCI single-terminal project to competitive bids, and the Donald Trump presidency is always food for thought. Or things may go in another direction altogether.

How: Watch live and submit a question. Or check out the video later.