Here’s your official (and funny) Royals bandwagon application

When your favorite baseball team hasn’t been in the playoffs in nearly 30 years, it’s natural that there would be ample room on the proverbial bandwagon.

With the Royals holding the lead in the American League Central, they have gained national attention. That’s why the fine (and funny) folks at Sports Pickle have come up with an official application to join the Royals bandwagon.

Among the questions:

**If you had a piece of meat or any item of food stuff, what would you smother all over it to make it edible?

**What two colors are found in the sky on a beautifully sunny day with some puffy clouds?

There are some jokes about the Royals players and a great poke at Cardinals fans.

You can see the whole the application here. It’s apparent that whoever came up with the application knows Kansas City.

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