Statement from the Greater Kansas City Interfaith Council on a proposed Muslim registry

We, the Greater Kansas City Interfaith Council, begin all our meetings with words that include the following: “We gather to accomplish this work of service, honor the sacred in each of us, and deepen our relations …”

As an organization committed to this with our thoughts, words and deeds, we find ourselves disheartened by news reports that point to the idea of creating a registry of Muslims in the United States.

Profiling people on the basis of religion will not keep us safe, nor does it demonstrate what we value most: respecting and honoring the sacred in everyone. It will set a dangerous precedent, placing the nation on a path toward eroding civil rights and universal human rights.

Such a registry would seem more like a reaction to fear than a solution to the threats that created the fear.

As a council, we cannot come up with a single reason for how a nationwide registry of Muslims advances our organizational vision to create the most welcoming community for all people.

Read the complete statement at kcinterfaith.org

The Rev. Kelly Isola

Chair, Greater Kansas City Interfaith Council