What's Your KCQ?

What’s your KC Q? We want to hear your Kansas City questions

When you are walking down the street or driving to work, what questions about Kansas City pop into your head?

Do you wonder about the future of Troost? How about the history of the Crossroads? Or does your mind wander to why burnt ends became so popular here in the first place?

We want to hear from you about what piques your KC curiosities.

The Star and the Kansas City Public Library are interested in answering your questions about KC — whether it involves the city’s history, current issues or what’s ahead. We want to hear the serious and the quirky, the big and the small. We’ll show you who we talked to and how we found the answer. We’ll also teach you about the available resources for you to answer your future KC Q’s.

“What’s Your KC Q” puts you in the driver’s seat to direct our coverage and learn about our reporting process. The Star started our relationship with the Kansas City Public Library through our work with the ASU News Co/Lab at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication. We are working together to arm Kansas City with the facts.

How it works:

KC Q steps
  • First, submit your questions on The Star’s or the Library’s website.
  • Next, vote on your favorite questions to help direct what we will answer.
  • Then we investigate and bring you along for the ride.

Share your questions in the module below and help The Star and the library investigate stories that matter to you.