Missouri woman livestreams herself ‘stealing back’ her stolen car outside Applebee’s

As the old saying goes, Hell hath no fury like a woman whose car was stolen from a gas station.

When Danielle Reno’s car was stolen from a Kansas City QuikTrip on Tuesday, she did what anyone would do and filed a police report, she wrote in a Facebook post. The Kansas City Police Department confirmed receiving the report.

But Reno says she didn’t stop there. Instead, she embarked on a quest through North Kansas City to hunt down her vehicle. She posted an account of her investigation to Facebook. (Warning: The video has profane language.)

Reno first tried to track her cellphone, which had been in the car, but it was turned off not long after the car was stolen, she wrote. Later that night, she said her credit card was used at a Taco Bell and a gas station before it was declined at a Walmart. Reno went to the gas station and was allowed to take a video recording of their surveillance video, she said.

Wednesday evening, Reno’s phone was turned back on and Reno tracked it to a location in Kansas City where she spoke with people who “admitted to seeing [her] car, knew the color of it,” according to the Facebook post.

The Kansas City Police Department was called after the confrontation “got weird,” she wrote.

An hour later, Reno’s card was used again at a gas station to purchase cigarettes, gas and beer. Reno went to the gas station where an attendant said she overheard the suspects discussing going to Applebee’s, according to her Facebook post. Reno and her sister then went to two separate Applebee’s in the North Kansas City area in the hope of intercepting the suspects, but to no avail. After striking out at a third, they returned to one of the previous Applebee’s.

Reno had just ordered her food when she noticed three people walk in. But not just any three people — three people she recognized from the surveillance video, she wrote.

“I was shaking!” she wrote.

Once the suspects were inside, Reno said she left the restaurant and used her spare key to get into her car to “steal it back.” She livestreamed her getaway.

“Before I call the cops I wanted to show you guys what I just found by doing our own stalking,” she said, panning to the interior of her car as she drove. “I got this [expletive]’s beer in my car... I got her cigarettes and whatever kind of drug pipe that is.”

Her sister stayed at the Applebee’s and followed the suspects so the police would know where to find them, she wrote.

Reno said she went to the gas station after her sister followed the suspects there. Reno livestreamed police putting people in handcuffs, video shows. Gladstone Police Department confirmed three arrests were made, but only one suspect has been charged.

“Those are my shoes!” Reno said, when she confronted one of the suspects. “She has my wallet in her hand, my keys in her hand.”

Lindsey Custer, 27, has been charged with tampering in the first degree and receiving stolen property, both Class D felonies, according to the Clay County Prosecutor’s Office.

Brettny Liverman and Sheena Nuckolls were also arrested, but according to probable cause documents, they say they had just met Custer and believed the car was hers.

Custer said that she didn’t know the car was stolen, either, claiming it had been given to her by someone by the name of Alexis McClanahan to “repay her for a vehicle Alexis stole from her,” according to the probable cause document.

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