Feds retrieve video from sunken duck boat. The vessel faced near hurricane winds

Investigators with the National Transportation Safety Board have retrieved a video recorder from the duck boat that sank in rough weather, taking 17 lives.

The NTSB, responsible for investigating civil transportation accidents, said that gauges determined that two duck boats on Table Rock Lake on Thursday evening faced winds up to 73 miles per hour, one mile short of hurricane force winds. Waves crested as high as 4 feet.

The recorder from the sunken boat, being identified as duck boat stretch 07, has been shipped to Washington, D.C., for analysis, said Earl Weener, a member of the federal board who spoke Saturday at the Dewey Short Visitor Center on Table Rock Lake in Branson.

The second boat caught in the storm, identified as duck boat 54, safely made it to shore. A video recorder has also been retrieved from that vessel.

Video recorders have also been obtained from the Showboat Branson Belle, which was nearby when the duck boat submerged. The NTSB said it has received full cooperation from the crew of the Showboat and also received what he called “outstanding cooperation” from the owner of the “Ride the Ducks” franchise, Ripley Entertainment.

Plans are underway to raise the sunken craft from the lake as early as the beginning of the coming week, said Capt. Scott Stoemer, section commander for the Upper Mississippi for the U.S. Coast Guard.

Weener said the agency had received help from survivors. The NTSB requests that witnesses who may have captured helpful video of the incident send it to the agency at witness@ntsb.gov.