Dog kills 13-month-old Missouri girl. Her baby sitter is charged with manslaughter

Erica Jordan, 33, of Cape Girardeau, Mo.
Erica Jordan, 33, of Cape Girardeau, Mo. Cape Girardeau Police Department

A southeast Missouri woman faces manslaughter charges after a dog she was keeping killed the 13-month-old girl she was baby-sitting.

The Cape Girardeau County, Mo., prosecutor filed a second-degree involuntary manslaughter charge against Erica N. Jordan “for acting with criminal negligence that resulted in the death" of the girl, Loxli Chavez, said a police department statement.

Jordan was arrested last week and posted bond, court records show. Loxli was attacked March 9 at Jordan’s home in Cape Girardeau and was pronounced dead at a hospital. KFVS 12 reported that an autopsy showed she died from two puncture wounds to the skull.

Loxli GoFundMe.jpg
Following a 13-month-old girl's death in Cape Girardeau, Mo., the community raised more than $4,800 through GoFundMe to help the family. The girl, Loxli, was killed by a dog at her babysitter's house on March 9. GoFundMe

The Southeast Missourian reported the dog, named Smokey, was part pit bull, Labrador and malamute.

Jordan told police that she was keeping the dog at her home for her brother and that the dog was “not good with kids," the newspaper reported. The woman said the dog had bitten her son about a year ago, but she thought the dog had calmed down after being neutered.

Loxli's mother, Tia Bailey, said she wasn't informed of the attack on Jordan’s son, or of the dog's behavior around children, the newspaper reported. Jordan had started baby-sitting the girl and her 5-year-old sister earlier in the week of the attack.

In court records, the baby sitter described hearing “screaming and crying” and saw “blood everywhere” when the dog mauled the girl, the newspaper reported. She said she pulled the dog off the child and called 911.

The dog was taken to a shelter and is expected to be euthanized, per protocol, police said.

Following Loxli's death, the community raised more than $4,800 through GoFundMe to help the family.

"Loxli was full of life, she was happy, strong and was always full of joy," said a statement on the fundraising website. "She is also described as having a beautiful attitude. She would wrinkle up her nose and snort. Just a couple of weeks ago she started taking her first steps. Today, Loxli's life was cut too short by a tragic accident. ... It was all (too) unexpected."