Kansas woman tries to buy monkey online, loses $1,000

Police officials on Monday warned Wichita residents not to fall for any monkey business.

The woman, 26, is out nearly $1,000 when she went online Friday and found a breeder that agreed to sell her a Capuchin monkey for $100, Lt. James Espinoza said. The breeder urged her to buy an insurance policy on the monkey for another $860 so the animal could be transported to Kansas from Georgia by way of the airport in Baltimore.

When the monkey didn’t arrive, Espinoza said, the woman contacted the airport in Baltimore. She was told there was no documentation for transporting a monkey.

Espinoza said the case is a reminder to be wary of anything found on the internet. While monkeys are allowed in local zoos, Lt. Steve Kenney said it is illegal for residents to have monkeys as pets.