USAF report: Pilot error caused mid-air F-16 jet collision over Kansas

NORFOLK, Va. – The Air Force says an October jet crash in Kansas involving two F-16s occurred after one of the pilots failed to maintain visual contact with the other jet, leading to a mid-air collision.

Air Combat Command in Virginia released its investigation into the jet crash near Moline, Kansas, on Friday.

After the collision, one of the jets crashed into the ground. The other was able to return to Tulsa Air National Guard Base, Oklahoma. The pilot who ejected suffered minor injuries.

Both aircraft belonged to the 138th Fighter Wing at Tulsa, Oklahoma. They were flown by pilots assigned to the wing’s 125th Fighter Squadron.

The report says the pilots were participating in a combat maneuvers training mission when the collision occurred.

The Air Force estimates the damage at $22.5 million.

Moline, Kansas, is about 75 miles southeast of Wichita.