University of Kansas proposes alert to schools of student sexual assault

University of Kansas’s Student Rights Committee has approved a resolution encouraging the Kansas Board of Regents to adopt a policy that ensures that students expelled for sexual misconduct at one state school cannot enroll at another one without the new school being notified of their past.

The Lawrence Journal World reports that the committee suggested to the Regents on Wednesday that nonacademic misconduct should be added to the transcripts of expelled or suspended students. The resolution also calls for those students to be prohibited from enrolling at another Regents school until the chief of student affairs officers at both schools approve the enrollment in writing.

“If someone has been identified at one school as a potential threat to other students, this would allow potential transfer universities to make educated decisions about admitting students while keeping the safety of their current students, faculty and staff in mind,” said Emma Halling, a student and member of the school’s Sexual Assault Task Force.

The resolution would need to be approved by the full Student Senate and the Regents to take effect.

Under the current policy when university students are expelled for nonacademic misconduct, it is noted on their transcript. There is no specification of what kind of misconduct occurred.

Since 2012, KU has expelled eight students for sexual harassment, which is a category that includes sexual assault.

Seven students have been suspended for sexual harassment in that same time period.