Donald Trump at CPAC questions Obama’s birthplace, says Bush can’t win

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Donald Trump told the Conservative Political Action Conference that Jeb Bush can’t become president because of his stances on the Common Core curriculum standards and immigration, even as he assured the crowd he was getting closer to declaring a run.

“He’s in favor of Common Core; he’s weak on immigration,” the real estate mogul told the crowd at the conservative conference on Friday after mentions of the former Florida governor prompted loud boos. “I don’t see him winning.”

The comments were particularly strident at a conference where potential candidates have routinely declined to rip one another. Bush is scheduled to speak later Friday.

He also repeated his longstanding skepticism about whether President Barack Obamawas born in the United States, though the president released his long form birth certificate nearly four years ago, showing he was born in Hawaii.

“I don’t know where he was born,” he said. “I certainly question” Obama’s birth certificate. “Now all we have to do is find out whether or not it was real.”

Trump also hit back at those who say his flirtations with running for president aren’t serious

“A lot of people think I’m doing this for fun,” he said. “I’m not doing this for fun. I’m doing it because we need to take our country back.”

Asked by Fox News host Sean Hannity where he was on a scale from one to 100 on running for president, he replied: “I would say 75 and 80. I’m really inclined. I want to do it so badly.”

Trump's speech outlined a series of policy points: He said he was pro-life, pro-traditional marriage, anti-recreational marijuana, pro-medical marijuana, and pro-gun rights. He also said he would “hit” the Islamic State and erect a wall on the border with Mexico.