Emails! A wall! Bingo! Here are game cards for the presidential debate

Monday’s presidential debate is sure to be quite the event, the first big face-to-face confrontation between Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump. But to liven up the evening even more, let’s play bingo (or in this case, “d’bate”).

We’ve created a card of words and phrases that might be uttered that night. (Thanks to Star politics guru Dave Helling for the suggestions.) Just watch the debate, from 8 to 9:30 p.m. CDT on about every news channel, and play along at home, crossing out each square as you hear it.

Go for five in a row — horizontal, vertical or diagonal. You decide whether you’re playing for prizes or just for the thrill of victory.

Click here to print out 10 versions of our bingo card.

As Donald Trump may or may not say Monday, it’s gonna be great, believe me.

Sharon Hoffmann: 816-234-4457, @Sharonakc