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TheChat: Eric Greitens is told to return campaign donation

Good morning.

▪ “I call on Mr. Greitens to cut all ties to Mr. Goguen and to send back his campaign contributions, now.” — Missouri Republican gubernatorial candidate Catherine Hanaway calling on rival Eric Greitens to return a campaign donation from a Silicon Valley venture capitalist who is accused of sexual assault.

Michael Goguen donated $1 million to Greitens’ campaign. A woman reportedly sued Goguen in San Mateo County, Calif., court last week alleging he “sexually, physically and emotionally” assaulted her for 13 years. Goguen’s attorney said he plans to mount a vigorous defense. (link via

▪ “They are trying to put as much fear into the economic Armageddon it might bring this state.” — Missouri state Sen. Mike Kehoe, a Jefferson City Republican, disagreeing with Kansas City City Manager Troy Schulte on the economic impact a proposed constitutional amendment on same-sex marriages could have.

The proposal is now headed to the House. Schulte has warned that big-time events, such as the Big 12 men’s basketball tournament that’s now held in Kansas City, could pull up stakes if the proposal becomes law.

▪ “My experience is also that election authorities really don't like recounts. It is a lot of expense for them, they know it will not change the result and they see it is an insult to the core skills of their operations.” — Missouri lawyer Chuck Hatfield who represented Chris Koster’s campaign in 2008 when there was a recount of his Democratic nomination win for attorney general.

Recounts are allowed in Missouri in statewide elections when the winning margin is less than one-half of 1 percent.

▪ “Done with an attempt to do nothing but humiliate me.” — Kansas state Rep. John Rubin, a Shawnee Republican, on House Speaker Ray Merrick’s decision to strip Rubin of his chairmanship.

In an unusual move, Merrick had the decision announced on the House floor, infuriating Rubin. The lawmaker initially announced that he was resigning his seat, but later changed his mind.