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NBC News says Kansas Brownback/Davis governor’s race, competitive, largely overlooked

The political pundits at NBC news say the Kansas governor’s race is one of the most overlooked in the country because it’s a lot closer than expected.

They listed 10 races across the country, ranking the Kansas governor’s race between Republican incumbent Sam Brownback and Democrat Paul Davis third behind two races in Hawaii.

Here’s NBC’s take on the Kansas matchup:

“We mentioned this contest earlier this week, and here’s why you should pay attention to it: It’s MUCH CLOSER than you’d expect in ruby-red Kansas. First, one robo poll showed Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback (R) trailing his Democratic opponent, state House Minority Leader Paul Davis.

“And then after chatting with Democratic and GOP operatives, the consensus is that the race is competitive — or at least more competitive than it should be. Well, what’s the matter with Kansas? The Republican Party is split in the state. As (The New York) Times put it earlier this year: ‘Single-party control got things done here, but it also ignited an intraparty struggle, as the governor learned last year when some of his allies resisted a higher sales tax rate he requested to balance the state’s books. And while many Kansans remain in Mr. Brownback’s corner, moderate Republicans and Democrats are loudly expressing their anger. With Mr. Brownback facing re-election, voters will be assessing a mixed scorecard of achievement.’”