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KC will reveal budget plan to demolish dangerous buildings

The Kansas City Star/RSUGG@KCSTA

Kansas City Mayor Sly James and the city manager will reveal plans today to demolish more than 800 dangerous buildings in the city over two years.

The plan will be part of the city’s $1.5 billion budget recommendation released today. It goes to the City Council for a final vote in late March.

City Manager Troy Schulte recently estimated it would cost $10 million to knock down all the most dangerous houses and other buildings in the city. That backlog of 870 buildings has built up because in the past, the city has only been able to spend about $800,000 annually to demolish about 100 houses, and more properties keep getting added to the list every year.

Police Chief Darryl Forte recently offered to provide some police funding to help with the demolitions, saying these structures contribute to crime and neighborhood blight.

The city says the submitted budget will include details on how to pay for demolishing all these buildings over two years.