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Colleges want applications from high school freshmen

A new movement by dozens of the nation’s most elite colleges and university are giving new meaning to early college application.

Money Watch is reporting that “a coalition of 80 colleges and universities -- and the number continues to grow,” want high school students, as early as freshman year to start applying to college, instead of waiting until junior or senior year.

The Coalition for Access, Affordability and Success says it wants to give students a new way to build a college admissions portfolio, starting as soon as they enter high school. The thought is that the process will start students developing a “college going mindset,” for more students, sooner.

The idea hasn’t been with out critics some saying the process is more likely to benefit students from affluent households that might see it as more time to develop expensive, flashy college portfolios, rather than widen access for low income students.

Such schools as Stanford, Colgate, Amherst and University of Virginia have signed on to launch the new college application portal near the first of the year. And schools could start accepting these very early applications by summer 2016.