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University of Phoenix is barred from enrolling military members

A Veterans Day ceremony in Washington, D.C.
A Veterans Day ceremony in Washington, D.C. The Washington Post

The Department of Defense has put the for-profit University of Phoenix on probation, stopping it from enrolling military members under the department’s Tuition Assistance Program.

Phoenix has also been barred from doing job training, career events, fairs and other sponsored events on military installations. The mostly online school has campuses in south Kansas City and Lenexa.

Veterans Education Success, which has been critical of many for-profit schools, applauded the Defense Department’s actions.

“The Defense Department stood up for service members and taxpayers by enforcing its rules against deceptive college recruiting,” Walter Ochinko, policy director of Veterans Education Success, said in a statement.

The Pentagon decision comes after a two-year U.S. Senate committee investigation into predatory for-profit colleges believed to be targeting veterans and service members with aggressive, deceptive recruiting.

Phoenix was given 14 days to respond before the Defense Department reviews whether to terminate or place conditions on the school’s further participation in the tuition program.