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Judge appoints special prosecutor for probe of investigator in Greitens case

St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kimberly Gardner and Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens
St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kimberly Gardner and Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens

A St. Louis judge Friday ordered that special prosecutors handle any charges that result from a police investigation into perjury allegations related to the dropped criminal case against former Gov. Eric Greitens.

The St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department announced last month that it would probe perjury allegations leveled by Greitens’ legal team against William Tisaby, a former FBI agent who served as a private investigator in the invasion of privacy case against the former governor.

Presiding Judge Michael Mullen found that St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner had a conflict of interest in the case because Tisaby worked as an investigator on behalf of her office.

The judge appointed Gerard T. Carmody of the St. Louis law firm Carmody MacDonald to serve as special prosecutor.

Gardner’s office said in a statement that she plans to appeal the decision. In a Thursday filing, Gardner argued that there was no basis for the assertion by police that she could not faithfully execute the duties of her office with impartiality.

Gardner’s office dropped the privacy case against Greitens in May after a judge agreed to let Greitens’ legal team question her under oath about the alleged perjury.

Greitens announced his decision to step down as governor that same month after striking an agreement with Gardner’s office to drop an unrelated computer tampering case.

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