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Deep Background: Kansas 2017 legislative session, politics and the end of an era

Lawmakers in Kansas ground through another marathon session this year, ultimately upending the supply-side tax cuts that have defined much of Sam Brownback’s time as governor.

They battled, as well, to sort out school financing, heading home still unsure whether they’ve got the distribution formula and the funding behind in a shape that the courts will let stand.

Legislators also imposed new regulations on amusement park rides after the death of one lawmaker’s son at the Schlitterbahn water park in Kansas City, Kan.

And they wrestled with the rules over whether hospitals, including state psychiatric facilities, can bar people from bringing in guns.

Hunter Woodall, the Star’s Topeka correspondent, and political writer Bryan Lowry sat in on the “Deep Background” podcast to unspool what happened in the Kansas capital this year, and what might yet come if Brownback vetoes key legislation.

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