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Parkmobile introduces new reservation feature to Kansas City


Parking downtown can be difficult in any city. Kansas City has found an easier way for drivers to find convenient parking.

Parkmobile, the leading provider of mobile parking solutions, has introduced a new reservation feature in only four markets, including Kansas City.

“It was exciting for us to be able to work with a city that is as innovative about parking as Kansas City and to work with the mayor to roll that out,” said the CEO of Parkmobile, Jon Ziglar. “I think it’s a good value and benefit for the consumers and the constituents.”

The Parkmobile app enables drivers to pay-by-phone for on-street and off-street parking in more than 250 cities. In Kansas City, the app allows users to find, reserve and pay for parking ahead of time in 10 municipal lots or garages.

The reservation feature is also available in one private garage, located at 1110 Baltimore, but Parkmobile hopes to eventually gain more.

“The city discussed with Parkmobile ways in which to facilitate easier parking experiences for Kansas City visitors to ensure that visitors have multiple options to park in the city, both on and off street, so that potential visitors have an easier experience,” Matthew Quammen, Parkmobile’s regional sales manager of reservations, said in an email.

Parkmobile paired up with the city’s Parking Policy Review Board, which provides community input in addressing parking and transportation issues, to make it possible for drivers to efficiently secure a spot through the mobile app, whether it be for an event or just a dinner downtown.

“The density is increasing downtown,” said Beth Breitenstein, a spokeswoman for the Public Works Department, “It’s nice to be able to have that convenience factor, and I think people absolutely benefit from it by just being able to plan their trips beforehand. Before they leave for their destination, they can kind of guarantee a parking spot for themselves.”

Along with its new feature, Parkmobile has collaborated with BMW to integrate the app into the luxury line of cars. New BMW drivers can pay for a parking session through the dashboard screen without using a meter or their mobile app.

“I think the ability of your car to know where it is and prompt you immediately without having to pull out your app to start a parking session takes all of the friction out of the transaction,” Ziglar said. “We would anticipate that in a few years, all cars will have this.”