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KC Mayor Sly James says he welcomes possible challenge from ex-Councilman Dan Cofran

Kansas City Mayor Sly James had a message for former city councilman Dan Cofran, who told The Star recently that he’s “very likely” to challenge the mayor for re-election next year:

Bring it.

“I welcome the challenge,” James said on KCUR’s “Up to Date.”

“It's just that simple. I'll let my record stand on its own.”

Then James proceeded to run down that record in rapid-fire fashion.

Early childhood education?

“We’ve been involved in (that) more than any other administration in this entire city, including the one that he was apart of when he was a councilman” (back in the ‘90s).


“Homicides are down, much more than they were when he was a councilman.”

Downtown development?

“We have done a lot in terms of continuing to build on downtown KC. We we have a downtown starter line streetcar. Economic development is moving bingo-bango.

“I’ll stand on what we've done, and I'm ready for the challenge.”


Must be a Sly-ism.