Pokemon Go fans seeking Snorlax appear to stampede street in Taiwan

A mob stampedes through the Taiwanese capital of Taipei.

It looks like a scene from a movie — a fast-moving river of humanity rushing through the streets.

But the people aren’t running from something hideous, like a terrorist attack. They apparently are Pokemon Go players running after the game’s rare, elusive Snorlax creature.

We kid you not.

The video showed up on Facebook Saturday and was posted to YouTube on Sunday.

The video has yet to be verified. But according to Time, Chinese media reports say that the Xinbeitou area of Taipei has become a daily gathering spot for thousands of Pokemon Go players looking for Snorlax.

The women’s online magazine Bustle describes the docile but powerful Snorlax as an oversized sloth and bear, a “nap-loving, Monday-hating, narcoleptic monster that we can all relate to.”

But catching him?

“This coveted normal-type Pokemon whose two goals in life are eating and sleeping as much as possible, is rare but not impossible to catch in the AR game,” says Bustle.

Rare is one thing. But mobbing a city to catch it?

Clicking on the “translation” button of the comments left on the video reveals exactly what viewers think of what they’re watching.



“What is this world!”

“Taiwan! This is ridiculous.”

One viewer shared the video with a friend and asked: “Are you in there?”