TV host called out for wearing ‘giant granny panties’ calls in the lawyers

Samantha Armytage
Samantha Armytage Instagram

On Sunday, Daily Mail Australia called the public’s attention to the “giant granny panties” TV host Samantha Armytage wore while running errands around town.

Armytage is the host of “Sunrise,” a morning TV show in Australia. And when the Daily Mail saw fit to point out that her “granny panties showed through the garment with a clearly visible line,” a lot of people saw red.

“That’s right, Samantha Armytage has been caught ... wearing underwear,” said Australian comedian Rebecca Shaw. “I will wait while you pick yourself up from where you have undoubtedly fainted from shock and horror.”

The granny panties reference invites comparisons to movie heroine Bridget Jones, mocked by one suitor for her comfy “granny knickers.” But this public discussion about a real woman’s underwear crossed a line for many people.

One woman even called on others to suit up in support of Armytage.

The backlash was so swift and loud that the Daily Mail removed the word “giant” from the original “giant granny panties” headline.

Armytage might have the last word on this.

When Buzzfeed contacted her about the story, she said, “I’m not making any comment as it’s with the lawyers.”

For the record, The New York Times reported last year that younger women are embracing granny-friendly knickers, full-bottom undies like boy shorts and high-waist briefs.

“Thongs have had their moment,” sniffed one apparel analyst.