Pennsylvania man dials ALS Ice Bucket Challenge up a notch

Larry Kaplan made a stop at Kauffman Stadium on Aug. 10 where he got a bath of barbecue sauce.
Larry Kaplan made a stop at Kauffman Stadium on Aug. 10 where he got a bath of barbecue sauce. @TobyKCR

Larry Kaplan must be spending a lot of money on shampoo this month.

The West Chester, Pa., man is visiting all 50 states in August to put a creative, extremely messy new twist on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge to raise money for the cause.

In each state, Kaplan is getting soaked with state-themed food stuffs instead of water and ice.

By now, he’s been doused with blueberries in New Jersey, liquid cheese in Wisconsin, buffalo wings in New York, clam chowder in New Hampshire, corn feed in Iowa and maple syrup in Vermont.

At Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City, he stood under a shower of barbecue sauce. The folks at the Louisville Slugger Museum in Kentucky dumped a bucket of sawdust on his head.

Kaplan calls his campaign the “50 in 30 Challenge.”

“It’s going to be an interesting month to say the least,” Kaplan told CBS Boston, where he had a bucket of Boston baked beans poured on his head.

Kaplan has volunteered for ALS’s Greater Philadelphia Chapter for nearly 20 years.

“I took off one month from my business and one month from my wife and children to do this,” he told the Boston TV station.

“I’m going to inconvenience myself for a month and then I get to go back to my normal life. If you have ALS, you wake up one day and you don’t get to go back to your normal life. That change is permanent.”

Kaplan is driving through 48 states and flew to Alaska and Hawaii.

Things got downright stinky in Alaska, where Kaplan endured a bath of salmon, salmon roe and ocean water.


The challenge was much sweeter in Idaho under a pour of huckleberry lemonade.


In several states he’s had to “endure” having whiskey (Wyoming), rhubarb wine (South Dakota) and beer (Colorado) poured over his head. In Nebraska it was a Cornhusker-sized bucket o’ Ale Storm beer.


His trip will wind up back home on Aug. 30. Between now and then he has stops scheduled in Los Angeles, Las Vegas — a bucket of poker chips? — at the Grand Canyon, and in Memphis, New Orleans and Washington, D.C.

Kaplan wants to raise $100,000 for ALS research along the way.

He hasn’t reported any injuries thus far, somewhat surprising considering the temperature of that bucket of clam chowder that the mayor of Portsmouth, N.H. dumped on him, according to

The chowder was “piping hot,” the mayor said. “That’s the only way we serve it.”

Kaplan told Boston media that the baked beans weren’t bad.

But, “I’m not going to lie,” he said. “I feel like I’ll be pulling them out of my ears later today.”

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