Drunken UConn student charged with breach of peace for mac and cheese rant

Luke Gatti, 20, of Bayville, New York, in his mugshot from UConn police.
Luke Gatti, 20, of Bayville, New York, in his mugshot from UConn police. University of Connecticut Police Department

A judge has revoked the special probation given to a former University of Connecticut student who went on a drunken tirade about jalapeno-bacon macaroni and cheese.

The Journal Inquirer of Manchester reports Luke Gatti pleaded under the Alford doctrine Monday to misdemeanor breach of peace and was fined $100. Under the doctrine, a defendant doesn’t admit guilt but acknowledges there’s enough evidence for a conviction.

He was also removed from the probation program, which could have resulted in the dismissal of charges if he stayed out of trouble. But Gatti was arrested at a Florida substance-abuse rehabilitation center in May and charged with battery on a police officer.

The program required him to “complete 100 hours of community service, abstain from drugs and alcohol, maintain full-time work and schooling, and not get arrested for any other criminal or serious motor vehicle offenses.”

Gatti was charged at UConn last October after he belittled a food service manager in a confrontation that was recorded and widely viewed online.

Shortly after the incident, Gatti posted a video apology on YouTube and, according to the Journal Inquirer, visited the manager in Ecuador to apologize in person.