Police car rushing to ‘suicide in progress’ hits and kills bicyclist, Texas video shows

A Houston police cruiser hit and killed a bicyclist while responding to a “suicide in progress” Tuesday night, police say.

The cruiser’s lights and sirens were not activated, Police Chief Art Acevedo said in a news release.

Lights and sirens are not required for suicide-in-progress calls but can be used if responding officers deem them necessary, Assistant Chief Henry Gaw said during a news conference. “Rapid response,” however, is required.

Along with police footage of the crash, a car parked nearby was equipped with a dashcam and recorded the incident. In the video, a man can be seen riding a bike across an intersection before the cruiser speeds into frame, ultimately hitting the rider.

WARNING: This video does not show the impact but may be disturbing to some people.

Police say initial reports suggest the “bicyclist failed to yield the right of way prior to entering the intersection and being struck,” according to the release.

The owner of the dashcam told KPRC the cruiser was moving very quickly.

“This one officer, he was going so fast,” the man told KPRC. “He had to be going about 70, and he hit the young man on the bicycle. From how the accident happened and the way he hit him, it’s just no way he could’ve seen him.”

The victim’s mother said she expected to see her son again.

“I didn’t know that was going to be the last time I seen my baby,” the victim’s mother told KIAH. “I just let my baby go get him something to eat, and I didn’t think that was going to be the last time I saw my baby.”

McClatchy news group is withholding the victim’s name until police confirm the identification.

“It’s not easy losing a child. I just lost my grandma in April and I’m still grieving over my grandma and I can’t take no more,” Sauls told KIAH. “Now, they done took my child from me. I’m going to miss my baby. I’m going to miss him.”

Gaw says the incident is under investigation by several agencies and offered the department’s sympathies to the family.

“At this moment, we’d also like to offer condolences to the person’s family who passed away,” he said. during the news conference. “This is a tragic incident.”

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