Crickets are invading Texas with a fury, as weather conditions are ‘perfect,’ experts say

Brace yourselves, folks, because these photos of a cricket invasion out of Texas are unsettling — if not a little cool.

People in portions of central Texas, including Austin and San Antonio, have taken to social media to share photos and video of the swarms of crickets overrunning homes and businesses.

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“There’s piles of them crawling up the wall,” Barrett Brown told WOAI. “It’s just revolting.”

One restaurant in Austin had to close because of the number of crickets accumulating in front of the store, KTBC reported.

Experts say crickets lay their eggs in late summer and early fall — with a female cricket laying between 150 and 400 eggs, according to Spectrum News — but this year the weather conditions are said to be “perfect” thanks to cooler weather, a bit of rain lately and a dry summer, KXAN reported.

Researchers at University of Texas say a wet spring is also to thank as the rain ensured there was plenty of food for the crickets to dine on, KVUE reported. To keep crickets at bay, experts recommend turning off the bright outdoor lights that most commonly attract the critters, according to Spectrum news.

Social media users were quick to point out the invasion’s similarity to biblical plagues, but experts say the end may not be near — for the crickets.

“Chances are it’s going to be another couple of weeks of this, and this is just the beginning,” insect expert Molly Keck told WOAI. “It can get pretty bad.”

In the meantime, residents seem pretty mystified by the sheer number of insects.

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