Woman who couldn’t afford a vet tries to euthanize her dogs with insulin, Ohio cops say

An Ohio woman is facing felony charges after police say she tried to euthanize her dogs with insulin after they got into a fight with another dog.

A police officer was dispatched to a laundromat in Ohio last month on reports of a woman talking about euthanizing her dogs herself, WOIO reported. Once there, the officer found Tisha Lynn, 44, in tears.

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Ohio police say Tisha Lynn, 44, injected her dogs with insulin when she was ordered to put them down. Screengrab: WFLA Twitter

Lynn told the officer her two dogs — a 7-year-old German Shepard and a Shepard mix between six and eight years old — had gotten into a fight with another dog at the trailer park where she lives, WKYC reported. Trailer park officials told her she had to euthanized the dogs within 24 hours and submit photo evidence that they had, indeed, been put down, police say.

Because Lynn didn’t have enough money to pay for a veterinarian, she decided to euthanize the dogs herself — with insulin, police say, according to WJW. She’d injected the dogs earlier in the evening before going to the laundromat, police say.

When police arrived at her home, the dogs appeared to be acting normally, WJW reported. But while the humane society was transporting the dogs to a clinic, one of the dogs began convulsing in the van and later died, according to WKYC.

Lynn is charged with two counts of prohibitions concerning an animal companion, a fifth degree felony, WOIO reported. She was booked into jail on Friday and bond is set at $25,000.

Her arraignment is schedule for Monday, according to the news outlet.

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