Man chases drunk driver, jumps in car window after a family was hit, Indiana cops say

A drunken driver hit a grandmother and a mother carrying her baby while they were on an evening walk in Indiana, police say.

But the quick actions of a man watching from his porch foiled the driver’s getaway, according to a Boone County Sheriff’s Office news release.

The grandma and her 23-year-old daughter, who was carrying her 8-month-old son, were on a walk about 7 p.m. Tuesday in Advance, police said. They were also pushing two of the grandmother’s other toddler grandchildren in strollers, police said.

Then a man driving a red Chevy Cavalier hit them near an intersection, police said.

That’s when Advance resident David Nickel looked up from his porch and saw people on the ground and a car driving away, according to the news release.

Nickel chased down the driver and “jumped in the driver’s side window,” police said. He turned off the car and took the keys until officers arrived, police said.

Meanwhile, the 47-year-old grandma, her daughter and the 8-month-old boy were taken to the hospital with injuries.

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The grandmother’s head was injured and she had lacerations to her body, police said. The 23-year-old daughter injured her elbow and had minor cuts and scrapes, while her son’s face was injured, police said. All three were in stable condition, police said.

The two toddlers in the stroller also went to the hospital, but they weren’t hurt, police said.

Kenneth Long, a 54-year-old Lebanon, Indiana resident, was charged with drunken driving and also faces three charges of felony leaving the scene of an accident with injuries, police said.

Long’s blood-alcohol content was over triple the legal limit, and he tested positive for marijuana, police said.

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Chacour Koop is a Real-Time reporter based in Kansas City. Previously, he reported for the Associated Press, Galveston County Daily News and Daily Herald in Chicago.