Naked man climbs 150-foot power line tower — and then needs help, Colorado cops say

Workers at a Colorado power plant got a surprise early Sunday morning when a naked man hailed them from atop a 150-foot steel tower for high-voltage power lines, police say.

Police arrived at Comanche Power Plant in Pueblo, Colorado, about 4 a.m. to find the 29-year-old New Mexico man apparently stuck on top of the tower, a statement posted to Facebook says.

A police negotiator tried to talk the man down on a patrol vehicle PA system, officers wrote. Firefighters arrived and raised a ladder from a fire truck as high as possible on the tower.

The man, who had kept a pair of boxer shorts, put them on and descended far enough down the tower to reach the ladder, where firefighters guided him to safety, police wrote.

Officers contacted the man’s father in New Mexico, who said he had no idea why his son was in Colorado but said he had struggled with drug abuse, police wrote.

An ambulance took the man to a hospital for evaluation and treatment, officers reported.

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